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    Our Adventure at the Peppa Pig World of Play in Schaumburg Illinois

    Hanging out with a Peppa Pig Figurine

    Ahh the world of Peppa Pig! Full of fun upbeat music, British accents and muddy puddles. Can I be honest and say that I really want my toddlers to be obsessed with Peppa Pig, it’s a show I can listen to over and over again without it driving me mad. 

    But alas, my 2 year old girl and 3 year old boy like Peppa Pig enough to recognize the main characters but that’s it. 

    It made my decision to go to the “Peppa Pig World of Play” a slightly tough decision. 

    Would they like it? Would it be worth the long drive from the South Suburbs to the North suburbs?

    The tickets , with the online saver , were only $24.30 and that price includes both an adult and a child , so with two of those tickets in my shopping cart I I took the plunge, chose a time and put the date in my planner. 

    When the day I arrived, our morning was hectic and I can’t remember why, But I do remember not being able to find my daughters only Peppa pig outfit, the only Peppa Pig swag we had in the house. Traffic was crazy, and I ended up taking a wrong exit. Our time slot was set to begin at 10:00 AM we didn’t arrive until 10:40. I was worried we’d lost 40 minutes of play time as each time slot is good for 2 hours of play. 

    As we made our way through the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg where the Peppa Pig World of Play is located , I had to ask the information desk for directions. When we finally found it, I was relieved to learn that our lateness did not cause us playtime, they started our time when we got there , and for that I was grateful. 

    Ok The Peppa Pig World of Play, I should not have been worried that my kids would find the world of Peppa pig anything less than exciting. The first thing you see is a huge bus that you enter to go into the play-land. Theres a place to take some green screen photos but my toddlers were ready to go play. 

    It is a world of color , of life size Peppa Pig character statues. Toys for every imagination from tricycles to slides galore, a movie theatre, Peppa pigs house, and even muddy puddles to jump in. I’m glad my husband came with me because we needed a parent for each child , each toddler quickly went there own way to explore and play. 


    Here are a few things I LOVED about this play place. 


    1. There is so much to do! 2 + hours could be spent here exploring and playing 
    2. Everything is very interactive, cars and buses can be driven , hills climbed, puddles to jump
    3. Although interactive, most items are nailed down and your toddler can’t break them lol


    The only CON is the price of food . We paid about $25 for two kid meals and 2 soft drinks . The kids meal consisted of Dino Nuggets (which we have at home) Apple Juice box, Fruit cup (which we have at home) , welches fruit snacks (which we have at home). The Other kid meal we chose was the Pizza which was a personal pan pizza frozen (which we also have at home). I’m happy they were familiar foods because my kids ate well, but it was a lot of money for very normal everyday household toddler foods. I saw other families bring out sandwiches made at home. That will be our move for next time. 


    Overall my kids had a blast, I had a blast, they want to go back and I am definitely going to make that happen. Check out our video of the day to see for yourself!  , or better yet, head on over to the Woodfield mall and take a trip with your kiddos. Its a great family activity! 

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